The procedure that makes procedures better|CO2 Carboxy Therapy

Non-invasive CO2 Carboxy Therapy has now become an essential program combined with other medical aesthetic treatments worldwide.

The Original is Different

 RIBESKIN CO2 CARBOXY COMBO is the first non-invasive CO2 CARBOXY THERAPY product for clinics and hospitals in Korea, which was developed exclusively by JMBIOTECH Corporation Limited in 2007. Trusted by over 300 million industry professionals from 28 countries around the world, it is manufactured, distributed and managed in adherence to strict standards.

0% Side Effects since 2007

 Since its development in 2007, no side effects have been reported. RIBESKIN CO2 CARBOXY COMBO is CPNP and US FDA certified, promising safety and the highest quality.

Cost-Efficient for Valued Patients

 As the only CO2 CARBOXY THERAPY product in the world that comes in bulk packaging 1,500ml for more than 50 treatments developed specifically for professionals use, RIBESKIN CO2 CARBOXY COMBO allows professionals to provide a high-quality service for patients at a reasonable price.

High Level of CO2 for Maximum Effects

 RIBESKIN CO2 CARBOXY COMBO comes with a high level of CO2 concentration while minimizing the level of any unnecessary components. As a procedure best suited for patients, it promises the best effects possible.

How it works?

First, let’s look into this product. So, this is CO2 gel, looking like a shampoo bottle, and there are sheets that two different types.
Many of you must be curious about how the CO2 is generated fro these materials, put the gel on your skin, place and press the sheet.
Give a gentle pressure for 5 minutes. and then, leave it for 15~20 minutes, after that take the sheet off and that’s it!

What are the effects from the CO2 Carboxy Therapy?

Firstly, is has a great lifting and contouring effect since the metabolism and protein synthesis are promoted.
Secondly, it has a great effect on the brightening of the skin tone and this is from the enhanced blood circulation.
Thirdly, pore management. The waste will be discharged and it will keep the pores contracted.
Fourthly, relief of swells and bruises that could had been caused from various cosmetic procedures.
The fifth point will be the exfoliating effect. I will dissolve impurities and dead skin cells keeping your skin ultrasoft and clean.

There is a special effect that no other carboxy therapy has, but the RIBESKIN CO2 CARBOXY THERAPY has.
Many of you must be concerned with the dogged lymphatic system. A good lymphatic flow is one of the most fundamental things we care about since that builds a good foundation of our skin and improves our immune system also. The lymphatic flow can be promoted from the CO2 bubbles as it massages the lymph nodes with constant pressure and strength. if the drainage is poor and if you have a dogged lymphatic system, you tend to get a rough and dry skin and particular parts of your body would even swell. So, this kind of massage will enhance the flow, therefore a discharge of toxins and water will be successful and your skin become clearer. The toxins in lymph nodes are the bad boys that speed up the skin aging, so we must make sure we get a good lymphatic flow all around the body.
If you wake up in the morning after heavy drinking, if you were in high heels for a lone time, and if you are unwell from cold or something, you often get swollen face or legs. This kind of swelling and darker face tone is all because of the poor blood circulation. And what you normally do will be giving massages to your face or body to make you feel better. RIBESKIN CO2 CARBOXY THERAPY has similar effect which we call a BOHR EFFECT and it improves the whole blood circulation only from applying it on the skin surface.

What is the BOHR EFFECT?

When the CO2 gel and sheet get in contact, large amount of CO2 gas is generated causing a rapid increase of the carbon dioxide concentration. The hemoglobins in our blood with then start releasing corresponding amount of oxygen in order to lessen the intensity of the increased CO2. This exchanging process of CO2 and O2 is basically what happens when you do the aerobic exercise. So this enhances the blood circulation and the overall metabolism in promoted too. The more CO2 into your skin, the better aerobic exercise effect you get.

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